Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Lil turned one- Ella graduates

It has been a long time since an update time just slips away. Highlights of the last 6 months

Baby Lili turned ONE!
Jen and Dave escape to SF for a much needed retreat
Mom went on a cruise for work to Mexico ( we didn't make it to Mexico and ported 20 minutes away from our departure city- Darn Swine Flu!)
Ella Graduated from a Triangle to a Trapazoid in Montasori school (she's much too old for most of her triangle activities now!)
Took a short family trip to Los Gatos CA and visited the beach (it was freezing!!!)
Jen produced a show she has wanted to do for ages. Mergence a collaboration of visual artists, choreographers and dancers.

Lots of Work- Lots of Play it was a good 6 months

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Bliss

Altought I don't find myself with much extra time to blog, today is the day. It is raining and I am in my PJ's curled up on my chair. Dave and Ella are putting together a puzzle in the kitchen and baby Lily is still sleeping!!! SHHH don't ruin the moment. I want to share a little of our last few weeks. I have to say that for the first time in many years I loved every minute of this Holiday Season. I think I have finally clued in to what I believe might very well be the key to keeping the "Magic" of Christmas- SIMPLICITY!!!!- I stayed out of the hustle and bustle this year, prepared early and just enjoyed the music, lights and joys of Christmas with Dave and the girls.

We spent Christmas in Arizona with Nana and Papa. Although there was not much relaxation as we were to follow Nana's itinerary to the minute, but we sure had fun. Here is a little recap of the week.

*Early morning breakfast at Uncle Jeff and Cindy's
*Christmas Rescue from the Arizona fire department (daddy locked Lil in the car). All the cousins had a great time getting a tour of the fire truck!
*Gingerbread making competition
Team 1- Nana, Papa and all the grand kids
Team 2- Uncle Shane and Aunt Shirell, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Cindy, Dave and I
We thought team 2 had it in the bag as our house was awesome and equipped with a dog house, balcony, lake, swing and recessed lighting in a serene forest setting. Well let me just say that there is no way Team 1 did not have professional assistance from Martha Stewart. There house was magical and amazing. We know that they must have secretly been working on it for two weeks. Ya whatever!
*We divided into teams then off to Walmart to take the dollars we earned from doing good deeds for each other for the last few weeks, and bought gifts. We chose gifts for the other team members based on their favorite things or things that brought up memories. The gifts were not extravagant or expensive (they were from Walmart mind you) but I have to say they were special and a lot of fun to receive.
* Home to Nana and Papas for a little tree decorating and a yummy Christmas eve dinner.
*Christmas stories ended the evening and off to bed we went in hopes that Santa would come to our house.
*SANTA DID COME and brought with him a REAL puppy for Ella. She was so excited she could hardly stand it. Lil just loved being in box that he arrived in!
* The rest of Christmas was all about ROCKBAND!!!!! We rocked all day and all night (and well the day and night after that as well).

There is nothing better then the holidays with little ones. Everything we did and saw was according to Ella a "Christmas Miracle!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beachin It

We spent the last few days in a beach house in San Diego. It was so great to just spend time with family and hang out. We had a fun time visiting with Uncle Mike and Aunt Sandy (who now live in San Diego woo hoo!!!) Nana, Papa, and Aunt and Uncle Shirane went as well. We spent our days relishing in the sun at the beach, playing games and just chillin out. The girls loved it!!!!

Little Bo Peep and her Sheep

We LOVE Halloween! Ella went trick or treating with her friend JJ the Pirate. She still does not understand the concept of putting the candy in the bucket. She had to eat it after every house!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today was a wonderful day for us as we met a judge at the county court house that made Lillian Paige officially ours!! In the state of California it takes 6 months to process all of the paperwork and complete an adoption. We are so happy that all went well and on Saturday we will be taking her to the temple to be sealed as a family for eternity. Dave and I were reflecting last night at how lucky we are to have these two beautiful girls and adoptions that have gone so smoothly. Life is good.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A great week!

This was a wonderful week in the Bradford home. Ms Lily turned 6 months old today! We are so excited as now we can set a date to officially make her ours for all eternity!!!! She is now crawling all over (actually it is more of a slither action). She is active and really happy to explore and finally be mobile. We are in for it now!

Ella Bleu had her first day of Pre-School this week. She loves attending school and as Dave and I found out at Back to School Night, she is trying to Run the school as well. Not surprising.

Dave won a prestigious award at work for all of his efforts on the new exploration center in our city. Its a really cool facility where students can learn about environmental issues such as green energy, recycling your carbon footprint etc... We are very proud of him.

The studio started up for our 08/09 season and it has been busy. I am really looking forward to the projects and opportunity this next season will bring. It will be a busy but fun year!